Stories In The Park

Mill 180 Park
Organized by Dr. Gail N. Herman

A storytelling series of community participation and performance events will be led by professional storytellers. The Stories in the Park Series aims to help a wider public participate in the creative cultural life of our city using methods of storytelling, nonverbal communication and discussion without demanding writing and without paying theaters. All ages & cultures and socioeconomic groups can participate while in the indoor park.

Two performances will include New England skilled storytellers. “Tellebration" is held around the world in Nov. The other will be in March.

Two storytelling workshops will be led by Herman & Dufresne & Porcino; one for adults and one for students. Apr. & Sep. These include:
1) Finding and Shaping Stories;
2) Nonverbal Communication: Voices and Movement
3) Ways to Remember Stories with Mnemonics, Visual and Kinesthetic.

Three story swaps, two with community tellers, one with kids telling; swaps include hints from prof. storytellers & MC..Gifts for kids. Jan. May Oct.

Three “story slams” open to the public in a mildly competitive event with cash prizes/gifts. in Feb. June, Dec.

Workshops & swaps will teach ways to access stories, personal & folk structures, using talk, sketches, mime/movement, sound effects, objects & photos. Instead of memorizing or reading written words, participants of all walks of life will be able to tell & share their stories. Refugees also welcome.

Performances provide models; workshops = methods; swaps = practice; slams = excitement.

Dr. Gail N. Herman, grant recepient


Venue: Mill 180 Park

Above Image Courtesy of Mill 180 Park twitter account @mill180park