Public Mural at Paragon Mill: The Whole Space Between

With support from the Easthampton Cultural Council LCC grant, Maggie Nowinski will expand a small mural she created in the alley between the side of the Paragon Arts and Industry Building between the Keystone Building (near Abandoned Building Brewery and SoneLab) in the Mill District. The mural will extend from one section into three or four additional sections of a similar shape. The imagery in the mural is sourced from a visual motif that appears in many of her recent drawings and installations. Soft, pillowy rings that recall living cells, or smoke rings like the exhale of past industry and perhaps, as one child passing by suggested “body fruit loops”, are set against gradations of various blues. The color pallet reflects the exterior location of the blue sky above & reflected in the various windows throughout and the warm tones of the bricks. The visual effect opens the space and allows the light, sky, air to flow through at the base of the building.

Nowinski says, “this is a somewhat transitional, yet highly public space. As I created the initial portion of the mural I was struck by how many people park and walk through the alley daily. Many people inquired about the imagery and my process and were excited to see the space activated. I even met a few people who had been posting my progress on their social media accounts.”

Maggie Nowinski, grant recipient