Millpond Live

Summer 2019
Millpond Bandshell
2 Ferry St.

Last year, more than ten thousand people gathered by the Millpond to embark upon a magical journey, coming back week after week to celebrate their shared love of music, food, art, and community. They came from nearby streets and from throughout the Valley to spread blankets on the gently sloping lawn. As the sun set, the cliffs of Mt. Tom were illuminated in scarlet and gold. Children roamed in packs, dancers stepped and swayed, and couples drew close as the stars came out.

Join us four consecutive weekends of outdoor music, food, craft beverages, pop-up art installations, storytelling, dance, and games at Millside Park in Easthampton, MA. Millpond.Live is a FREE, grassroots festival series that aims to unite people from all walks of life, engendering a sense of history and belonging.
— - Prelude Millpond.Live

Millpond.Live aims to bring musical performers from other places in the country and world to the Pioneer Valley via Easthampton in series of free, culturally diverse music festivals that aim to unite community through celebration and discovery.We strive to create economic opportunity for local commerce by creating a spectacle event, which encourages cultural tourism and opens new markets for local food and beverage vendors in a backdrop of a shared music experience. Additional exhibits of immersive art expose the audiences to new and emerging projects from around the Valley and highlight how meaningful our collective cultural experience can be. This upcoming project will be held at Millside Park, which is handicapped-accessible and is a beautiful venue for events.

Casandra Holden and Laudable Productions (grant recepient)


More Info to come!