Find Your Happy Place

3-hour fiber arts workshop.
Treehouse Community
April 3, 2019
10am - 1pm
Limited space available please contact to register.

"Find Your Happy Place" is a 3-hour fiber arts workshop.
A “happy place” is a place you can visit in your mind that helps you to recreate an experience of happiness. It doesn’t need to be a real place, but for each person, will be both safe and inviting to them. Using simple guided imagery exercises and playful fabric collage, participants will work to create our individual expressions of our uniquely created happy places. In the workshop we will be using commercial fabrics, a fusible layer, irons and specialized scissors. These will all be provided by the instructor.

Participants will leave the workshop with a handmade fiber collage depicting their visualized image of their own mind-based retreat as well as foundational guidelines for a home-based practice of mindfulness.

(Audrey Hyvonen, grant recipeint)

Website: (above image courtesy of the artist’s website)